We’ve Found Australia’s Best Cloth Nappies – it’s the Mod Bots Story

The story of Mod Bots and the search for Australia’s best cloth nappies doesn’t have the start you might expect.

Mod Bots is the baby of the not-quite domestic goddess, Claire, a self-described hater of washing.  Far from an eco-warrior, Claire actually used disposable nappies on her first child.  Her perception that cloth nappies would create extra washing was enough to make her run screaming the other way!

The Modern Cloth Nappy Revolution – Claire’s Evolution

By the time Claire’s second son was born, she started to consider the option of using cloth nappies.  After grilling friends who were already using them, Claire noticed something very important – these nappies were adorable!  Claire talked with a Nappy Consultant and decided to try a few out.  After some trial and error, Claire found the best cloth nappies from well-known brands such as GroVia and Baby Beehind were a great fit, so she bought a few and used them on alternate days.  Claire realised she didn’t even notice the extra washing.  What she did notice was the huge difference it made to her weekly shopping bill.  Disposable nappies are expensive!  Claire started using cloth nappies every day and never looked back.

A word from Claire about Modern Cloth Nappies, Australia!

I believe that parents who are interested in cloth nappies should not feel that they have to use cloth and cloth only (gasp!).  Some parents use cloth only during the day, and some may use cloth only at home and not when out and about. Some parents use a combination of cloth and eco disposables. Some would run screaming from a disposable!  It’s all about what suits you and your family. My hope is that everyone can consider cloth, even for a moment.

Claire still has her aversion to washing, but she enjoys the cloth nappies so much that they are the first to be washed and put away.

Claire is also passionate about sharing knowledge and stocking only the best tried and tested quality brands (GroVia, Baby Beehinds, Tots Bots, Bumboo and more)

Contact Claire now with any of your cloth nappy questions and  discover the benefits of Mod Bots today